OK is there to help on land and sea for the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel and Storstrøm Bridge projects

OK can help your business with the products you need for construction of the new Storstrøm Bridge and Fehmarn Belt Tunnel – such as diesel, marine diesel, AdBlue and lubricants.

One of Denmark’s biggest energy companies

OK is a Danish, customer-owned energy company. We provide comprehensive solutions for genuine problems faced by your business. If you need fuels, AdBlue, lubricants etc., we can quickly find the right solution.

We also have Denmark’s biggest network of filling stations, meaning you are never more than 15 kilometres from the nearest OK site. What that means is quite simply that you save time on the road that otherwise costs time and money.

Find your nearest OK filling station

Tank hos OK døgnet rundt

OK on the island of Masnedø

The new Storstrøm Bridge will link Zealand and Falster via the island of Masnedø. And a new OK truck site will be opened in the summer of 2021 on Masnedø, for rapid, convenient refuelling of diesel and AdBlue.

We already have stations in Rødby and Rødbyhavn, the site of the new Fehmarn Belt Tunnel.

Rødby and Rødbyhavn

The new Fehmarn Belt Tunnel is being built between Rødbyhavn on Lolland and the German island of Fehmarn. OK already has filling stations in Rødby and Rødbyhavn.

We have an OK Truck station at Finlandsvej 4 close to the construction site in Rødby, and an OK Marine Diesel station at Kaj Plads 8 in Rødbyhavn. That makes it easy to fill up with diesel and AdBlue, and to take advantage of great benefits with an OK Truck card.

Diesel at your convenience

OK supplies the diesel you need for machinery and vehicles. And we can also fill your own ADR tank if you have one.

OK’s diesel is clean and efficient, ensuring top performance and optimum fuel economy. When you use our diesel, you also benefit from easy starting, with less noise and fumes from the engine.

Get a quote for diesel at +45 29 42 11 42+45 29 42 11 42

Køb OK B25+ Diesel

Marine diesel at your convenience

OK saves you time, because we deliver marine diesel when you need it, even to a vessel at sea.

OK Marine Diesel can be used in all diesel-powered vessels. Its maximum content is 50 ppm, making it cleaner than required by the rules. It also has the advantage of emitting less sulphur.

Order OK Marine Diesel at +45 29 42 11 42+45 29 42 11 42

Tank Truck Diesel ved Storstrøm og Femern Bælt

AdBlue at your convenience

OK sells AdBlue from the world’s biggest manufacturer. That’s your guarantee that the product is 100 % pure and the highest quality. You can choose the amount of AdBlue you need, from a 10-litre bottle to a 210-litre drum, or 1,000-litre container.

OK also stocks the full range of accessories. Regardless of whether you need a pump for your drum or container, a gun or hose, you can order it all from us.

Tank AdBlue hos OK

We cover all of Lolland-Falster

OK is Denmark’s biggest network of filling stations, including comprehensive cover of Lolland and Falster, where we are the energy company with most sites.

There are 15 standard OK filling stations on Lolland, one OK Truck station for diesel and AdBlue, and a marine station for your diesel-powered vessels. Our 9 standard filling stations and 2 OK Truck stations on Falster are all within easy reach.

OK-stationer på Lolland-Falster

Benefits with OK

Fast delivery using our own OK drivers

Specialists and consultants who know your business

24-hour customer service, including on public holidays

Experienced teams with in-depth understanding of your industry

Digital solutions and benefits to make things easy

Plenty of benefits using the OK Truck card

The OK Truck card is a secure fuel card solution. Each card is fitted with a chip that cannot be copied.

You can tailor the card to your needs. For example: set a limit on use per day or quantity per purchase. You can also restrict use of the card to certain stations and times.

An OK Truck card gives you:

A high security fuel card

The option of individual customisation

Filling stations in your area

Full details of purchases and excellent card security

Receipts sent by email after each purchase

Interested? Give us a call at +45 29 42 11 42+45 29 42 11 42

OK, simply the best supplier of Mobil lubricants

OK is Denmark’s biggest supplier of Mobil lubricants. We are always happy to advise on the right lubricant for your needs. We also stock a full range of lubricant accessories.

Mobil lubricants can be ordered from OK or Femern Service Partners. Femern Service Partners have offices on the harbour, and are open 7 days a week.

More details on Femern Service Partners

Køb Mobil-smøremidler hos OK

Select the electricity source you want

OK can supply cheap electricity to your business, with the right consultation for your risk profile. So, if you want to be part of the green transition, you can go for green electricity generated in Denmark.

Simply leave all the practical details to us. Electricity customers are automatically allocated a skilled consultant to keep track of price trends, timing, regulations and anything else that can affect the price you pay for electricity. Get more details - call us at +45 29 42 11 42+45 29 42 11 42

Lyskæde med sløret baggrund

A gas supply contract to suit your needs

OK also supplies natural gas. OK Gas Variable Price lets you benefit from falling prices on the market, and OK Gas Fixed Price is ideal if working on a fixed budget allowing for unforeseen price rises.

Regardless of what you need, we can put together a package customised to your business.

Get more details - call us at +45 29 42 11 42+45 29 42 11 42

Naturgas fra OK

Save on heating bills with a heat pump

Many businesses know already how much a heat pump can save them in heating costs.

OK is a leading supplier of heat pump solutions to business and industry. Regardless of what your business needs, we have a customisable solution.

Contact OK at +45 29 42 11 42+45 29 42 11 42 for information

Installation af varmepumpe | OK
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